Animal Wellness

Animal wellness is like any other medical profession, an effective laundry system is essential to maintain a sanitary facility and keep animals and care workers safe from exposures to harmful microbes. Veterinary clinics are no different. Safeguards are put in place to contain and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria within the facility.

Dexter brand commercial washers and dryers allow veterinary staff to focus on animal care. Dexter’s 6-cycle micro controls are programmable to effectively clean and sanitize soiled towels, bedding, blankets, surgical rags and towels. Combined with an effective chemical injection program, resistant bacteria are eliminated using the right combination of washes and rinses, and reaching appropriate water temperatures.  

If space is a constraint, a Dexter Commercial Stacked Washer and Dryer option provides excellent performance in half the space.

  • Total Wash Control: With custom wash action and programmable spin speeds, animal wellness facilities can get creative and even create cycles for items such as plastic chew toys.
  • High Speed Extraction: Removes 25% more water and reduces dry time.

 Dexter O-Series Dryers provide added operating efficiencies to make your linen look better and last longer with moisture detection.

Moisture Detection System: Dryer cycle stops when a desired dryness level has been reached, reducing cycle time, saving time, extending linen life, saving on utilities, and increasing throughput.

Fire Response System: Protect the animals under your care and provide an extra level of protection for your equipment and property. O-series dryers come standard with a fire sensing safeguard system with the option of upgrading to a fire suppression system.

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DEXTER’S industry leading 10/5/3 year WARRANTY

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